Dating In France: 20 Tips And Relationship Guide

One other aspect that’s open for French people is flirting. In the US and other countries, flirting is directed to strangers or people you’re into. But whether you’re single or not, in France, there is plenty of flirting regardless of marital status. As we are going through this, you’ll find that a lot of things which are big no-nos in other cultures are accepted—and even embraced! For example, the idea of two people going to dinner implies nothing at all. In other cultures though, people can read too heavily into that.

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They will go for a walk or to a museum, removing all expectations and interview-style questions that you would go through during a typical American date. Groups mixing men and women are much more important in France, whereas in America, single sex groups seem to be more of a trend when it comes to socializing. Perhaps this explains how the French build their relationships inside of a group, and not directly on a one-on-one date. Because of the language barrier, trying to be funny or sarcastic is hard most of the time. They will either perceive you as too childish or too harsh.


In France, don’t be surprised if your partner and their ex still travel within the same circles. Because many French people meet people through their friends, it is generally accepted by all to continue in those circles as it would be awkward to cut things off. French people tend to be more forward and direct in their approach to dating compared to some other cultures. They may be more open to physical intimacy earlier in the relationship than in other cultures, long before any “I love you’s” are exchanged.

I had the most luck on OkCupid while in France with actually meeting people to have a relationship with (a surprising 100% success rate). If I couldn’t meet anyone from AdoptUnMec, I’d try OkCupid. Today, thanks to my guest Dan Rock, you will discover the sometimes subtle, sometimes BIG differences between French & American dating cultures. Even if you’re not looking to date anyone, this episode provides very interesting insights into the French mind, and many fun little stories.

They’ll appreciate your efforts, and perhaps even teach you some of their language. But, to get you started on French fluency, OptiLingo can help make these dreams come true. There’s the official “rendez-vous galant”, which translates to dating, but it’s much more formal.

Sometimes it is just light flirting among friends, and usually involves a play or humor and wit that is not meant to be taken too seriously. In France, it is considered important to be honest and upfront about one’s feelings and intentions in a relationship, without wasting too much of the other person’s time. If the other person is looking for something casual, both parties should say so upfront. Everyone (sorry. Mostly everyone) wants a really shallow fun connection and nothing else. They’re one of many sex-friendly cultures and have been that way for some time. I felt they were telling me too much, especially when this was business related.

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Asking them straight up is preferable to avoiding misunderstandings. Even while the French prefers to keep things casual and unromantic, there is still plenty of room for flirtation. The French have no official protocol for the first kiss. The two of you may experience love at first sight (“un coup de foudre”) and kiss on the first check date, or it may develop over time. Traditionally, the first date in France entails either coffee or drinks (at a brasserie or café) or, less frequently, dinner at a nice restaurant. It’s also fun to do something together on a first date, but it won’t feel like a “date” and therefore won’t put as much pressure on the two of you.

If you do not know for sure what your cavalier loves, then your style should be as simple as possible, it is the right way to make him like you. The French have a culture of being direct and open about so much, there aren’t any particular tells. Because of this system, it’s not out of the ordinary for French folk to be flirting with several people while they are single. From country to country it’s fascinating to look for similarities in cultures only to see vast differences.

Flirting is another aspect that’s open to French people. Flirting in other cultures is usually directed at strangers or people you are interested in. However, regardless of whether or not you’re married, flirting is plenty in France. I’m currently “seeing” a French guy for about 3 months now. And I’m still confused on what kind of relationship we have.

Many people believe they aren’t capable of learning a language. We believe that if you already know one language, there’s no reason you can’t learn another. Public displays of affection aren’t a taboo in France. Perhaps this is the reason why the reputation for French romantic freedom is so widespread. But, the reality is, that the PDA is reserved for your partner alone.

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